Pax et Bonum Communications

Serving the Poor through the Power of Film

Mission Statement: Our mission is to produce compelling media that foster compassion for the homeless, hungry and downtrodden while inspiring a genuine and respectful fraternity among all people.

Vision Statement:Our vision is of a world where children no longer hunger, families enjoy safe shelter, wealthy countries and people share their bounties with those in need, and all live in peace.

We offer free print and electronic media to charitable organizations striving to feed the hungry and relieve the suffering of chronic poverty. These materials will help those organizations develop funding for their work. We offer free educational presentations to churches and schools to create awareness of the bitter plight of the poor and marginalized and offer suggestions on how to effect systemic change.

Rooted in Franciscan spiritually, along with the mystical traditions of all faiths, Pax et Bonum Communications champions the importance of contemplation and action. We believe the best way to love God is through acts of love, mercy, compassion and kindness, especially for those living in acute poverty. We believe that care for the chronically poor is an essential component of the spiritual life, especially for the followers of Christ. We believe everyone is called to a life of sharing, caring and giving. We believe in the importance of genuine inter-faith dialogue. We believe violence is always wrong, that war is never a solution. Our goal is to stress the necessity of prayer, peace, harmony, humility and social justice. In the ecumenical spirit of St. Francis of Assisi, we hope to show the connectedness of all of creation, which will promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of the common good and our essential need to become nurturers, healers and consolers.

Pax et Bonum Communications hopes to become a humble agent of transformation, helping people strip away the illusions of our consumer-crazed society, which plays at least a secondary role in contributing to the causes of disenfranchisement here at home and in developing nations around the world where millions are living hand-to-mouth. We will not shy away from confronting the injustice of global poverty where more than 10,000 children a day die of starvation; we will be a strong, consistent and prophetic voice speaking out on behalf of the poor and encouraging people to enter more deeply into prayer and to be more compassionate to those in dire need.

In all that we do, Pax et Bonum Communications will communicate the spirituality of St. Francis of Assisi. Our name comes from a salutation always used by St. Francis: Peace and good. Pax et Bonum is the Latin translation of the saint’s wish for everyone he encountered. In his native Italian, Francis would have said, “Pace e bene”…which we prefer to translate as “Peace and blessing,” which is what we hope and pray Pax et Bonum Communications offers to a world sorely in need of peace and blessing.

Board of Trustees: 

As of September 1, 2012

Ken Buckowski (Glendale, California) (Chair of the Board)
John Heil (Los Angeles, California (Treasurer)
Lisa Juriga (Oakland, Michigan)
Mary Mather Nally (Pasadena, California) (Secretary)
Bill Mulcahey (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
Paul Robie (Los Angeles, California)
Gerard T. Straub (Burbank, California) (Founder and President)

Board Member Emeritus: Patti Normile, OSF (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Special Advisor: Dr. Michael Chiariello, Ph.D. (Olean, New York)
Film Editor: Stuart Robertson (Los Angeles, California)
Webmaster: Danny Bohlman (Honolulu, Hawaii)
Graphic Design: Mari Saso (Los Angeles, California)
Accounting: Victor A. Robinette, CPA, CFP (South Pasadena, California)
Insurance: Ted Shaw (Shaw, Moses, Menhenhall & Associates, South Pasadena, California)


A 501(c)3 Public Charity

Federal Tax ID: 90-0654928

Our address is:

Pax et Bonum Communications, Inc.

827 N. Hollywood Way # 555

Burbank, CA 91505

Gerry Straub can be reached at:

Cell: 1-818-433-1816




1 Response to “Pax et Bonum”

  1. 1 Alice F LaChapelle October 14, 2012 at 9:44 am

    I was amazed when I saw the list of speaking and film engagements — especially those for upstate New York, and in the western part of New York (Buffalo area) in particular. I live in Albany NY where we are fortunate to have Siena College, a Franciscan school.

    The one thing that I did not see here is how Pax et Bonum is financed and info re contributions. Did I miss it?

    Alice F LaChapelle
    Albany NY

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