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A More Suitable Chamber

O Lord, help me to renew
my innermost being.
I stumble and fall often.
My many failures
disappoint me.
But You never treat me
as I deserve.
You close your eyes
to my faults.
I trust in your endless
mercy and compassion.
But I need your help
to truly purify
my deepest being,
to create there
a more suitable chamber
for Your spirit to reside.

I Hand it All to You

I Hand it All to You

Oh my God, help me
to stop picking away
at the sore of my guilt
over my past misdeeds,
the many times
I failed to love.
Help me instead
fix my gaze on
Your endless love.

Help me see
how my sins are
merely manifestations
of my own inner emptiness
and an indication
of how far I am from You,
the true source of love.

I give you, my God,
everything that is within me.
I also surrender
all of my past.
I hand it all to You
and accept your
total forgiveness,
your overflowing mercy,
and your boundless love.

I also give You
all the wounds life
has inflicted on me.
Give me, please, the grace
to look at them honestly,
to feel them fully,
and then entrust them
to your divine care.
Help me also forgive
all who have harmed me,
and allow me to forget
the painful memories
that only allow the harm to live.

This day, I see my past,
my faults, my wounds…
and I let them go.
I give them to You.
I seek your Spirit
in order to have
the faith and strength
to live fully
in the present day,
consciously aware
of each precious,
life-giving moment.

Stay with Me

Jesus says,

“What father among you would hand his son a snake when he asks for a fish? Or hand him a scorpion when he asks for an egg? If you then, who are wicked, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him?” (Luke 11:11-13)

Dear Lord,
may the divine assistance
You offer me every day
stay with me always.

May your Holy Spirit
teach me
to see and embrace
the help You are constantly
offering to me.

Teach Me

O Lord, my mind and heart
are centered on so many things
other than You.
Mostly good things,
but not You.
Help me this day
to desire You
first and foremost,
and not to be distracted
by all the things
that pull me
this way and that way,
fragmenting my being.
Teach me this day, O Lord,
how to forget
my fears and anxieties,
and put all my trust and hope
in You alone.

My Path

My Path

O God, you know
I want to fulfill
your holy desire
for my life,
want to take the path
you wish I would take.
O God, you know also
that I not only stray
from the narrow path
you have chosen for me
but that sometimes
I choose to take
a totally different path.

And you, O Lord, are so
gentle and kind
you give me the freedom
to go the way I wish to go.
But more than that,
you still walk with me,
still love me
and long to guide me.
Your gift of grace
makes my new path
a new way to you.

You never abandon me
no matter which way I go.
And when I go the wrong way,
a way that would
lead me away from You,
You do not withdraw your grace
and still gently offer me
opportunities to turn around,
to change my misguided way.
You are a God of endless chances.

Thank you, dear Lord,
for turning my life around.
Please help me
stay on the narrow path
back to your heart.

In the Desert

In the Desert

At some point in time
God calls each of us
into the desert.
The desert is a place
of discipline,
which we need
but don’t want,
and so we avoid it.
In the desert,
under the blazing sun,
all our weaknesses
are made clear.
We look around
and see the vastness
of nothing.
We do not know
which way to go.
In the desert,
our need for God
is also made clear.

In the desert,
we grow weary,
we lose hope.
We can’t quench
our own thrist,
we know no pleasure.
All around is only
a void that stretches out
beyond our sight.
The day turns to night.

The arid, parched landscape
can only be watered by God.
God’s water is sweet,
God’s manna is tasty.
In the desert,
God’s love is
our only comfort.
In the desert,
God’s spirit
transcends the bleakness
in the depths of our souls
and we can see
beauty and tenderness.
In the desert,
ideas about God
give way to God.

O Lord, help me
not evade the desert,
not flee the pain of life,
the suffering that not even
you beloved Son avoided.
Help me enter
the desert of silence,
the desert of surrender,
the desert of doubt,
the desert of sorrow and loneliness
so I can be nourished
by your loving Word alone,
which is the only source of
true refreshment
and lasting peace.

Radiant Sweetness

Radiant Sweetness

O God how I long for Your
radiant sweetness
to overflow in my heart.
But I stand in the way
of such a Divine visitation.
My unruly behavior
withdraws the welcome mat
Your extravagant grace seeks.
A stone heart
is hard to enter.

Having felt Grace’s embrace
I long to feel it again.
Help me, Lord,
prepare my heart
to receive Her again.
Peace and purity
are the welcome mat She seeks.

To be pure of heart
requires an undivided heart,
a heart fixed on You
and You alone.
A pure heart
beats with love
for the Other
and every other.
A pure heart
is unsullied
by pride, envy or lust.
A pure heart
only gives
and never takes.
A pure heart
is a humble heart.
A pure heart
is a peaceful heart,
a heart unruffled
by the ups and downs of life.

Peace and purity
are soul mates
living together
in the heavenly chamber
Your never-ending grace
creates within us
as we surrender
more and more of ourselves
to Your all-embracing Love.

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