While so much of our attention for the past year has been on the establishment of the Santa Chiara Children’s Center in Haiti, we have not forgotten our original calling: putting the power of film at the service of the poor.

While we have no immediate plans to make a new, original film, we have embarked on a project that revisits many of the 25 films I’ve written and directed. We hope to release a series of films under the banner of One Human Family. The first film will be set in Kenya and will feature footage not in the film We Anoint Their Wounds. It will also feature never before seen photographs taken in 1999 for the film and book When Did I See You Hungry? The editing of the film has been completed. At this moment the music score for the film is being composed and recorded in Ireland. The second film in the series will be set in Uganda and will feature footage and photographs not in the film The Fragrant Spirit of Life. This film will open with a scene featuring Sam & Esther, the two starving kids with polio that found lying half-naked in the dirt in the bush of northern Uganda. The Sam & Esther scene from The Fragrant Spirit of Life is the most compelling, gut-wrenching scene of all 25 of my films. It has been seen by over a half a million people on You Tube. I end every presentation I give with that scene…and no one ever forgets Sam and Esther…and their older sister Jane who baths them. We went back and looked at all the original footage that I shot, and found even more compelling footage which was not included in the original film. The scene features new music and very few words of narration. It is intended to be a visual meditation on the plight of severely impoverished children around the world.

We have just posted on the Pax et Bonum Channel on You Tube the revised Sam & Esther scene which opens the second One Human Family film. I urge you to take 13 minutes out of your day, settle yourself down in a quiet space and watch this clip. Afterward, just sit still for a little time and allow the scene to speak to you on a deeper level.

Here is a link to the clip on YouTube:

Pending funding, after the Kenya and Uganda films are released we will produce a film set in Haiti. If the series does well, we have films we can make that are set in South America, Central America, and Asia. If you are interested in being a sponsor of one of these films please write to me.

Peace and blessings,




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