The Sunrise of the Soul

Prayer is the only weapon we need. Prayer helps us flee from the storm of inner thoughts and the noise that engulfs modern life. Prayer slows down the frenzied pace of life. Prayer quiets negative passions. Prayer helps restore our awareness of God. Prayer is an act of humility, stemming from a mindfulness of our inadequacy. Prayer and humility go hand-in-hand: prayer deepens humility and humility deepens prayer. Prayer creates the unruffled calmness required to encounter God. To neglect prayer is to neglect God. Prayer helps you see the extraordinary hidden in the ordinary. Prayer leads us to wholeness and simplicity. Prayer prompts us to reach out in compassion to the suffering and weak, and helps us embrace all of humanity. Prayer is the breath of life, the sunrise of the soul.


1 Response to “The Sunrise of the Soul”

  1. 1 krebsjoan February 21, 2016 at 5:48 am

    When I read about how to pray or how others pray I’m at such a loss I feel unhinged, flying in the wind helpless, alone etc. The personal kind is absolutely, definitely, permanently (it now seems) not for me. I so envy those who find meaning in I-Thou prayer. My soul only feels a prayerful sunrise “in company” either of human creatures or of any creature (the sunrise itself) Help!

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