It’s All about Surrender

St. Catherine of Genoa made a stunning statement: “My deepest me is God.” On the contrary, during most of my life I felt within me a dreadful emptiness. I’ve come to believe that sense of barrenness stemmed from not realizing I was created for communion with God. Thomas Merton said: “We all exist solely for this–to be the human place God has chosen for his presence, his manifestation, his epiphany.” If I’m not growing towards unity with God, then I’m growing apart from God. I need to be inwardly still and humble in order to move into a greater union with God. I need to bring to Christ what I am so that in time I might become more like what he is. To become more like Christ requires me to divest all traces of ungodly behavior, which is not an easy task. The spiritual life, for Christians, is a grinding process where we eventually are ground into God.

In following Christ, I’ve seen with my own eyes in so many unrelentingly bleak places around the world how life is filled to overflowing with pain and struggle. Following Christ leads to the Cross, and it doesn’t offer an easy way around it. It’s all about surrender. To become a disciple of Christ, to become fully human, means accepting a spirituality of the cross and renouncing a spirituality of glory. Christ humbled himself in order to love me. He gave of himself in order to love me. In turn, I must give of myself in order to love Christ and all of creation.


1 Response to “It’s All about Surrender”

  1. 1 krebsjoan January 9, 2016 at 8:43 am

    I think I could get to like Catherine of Genoa who at her deepest is God. This is one comment.

    The other is a paraphrase of one of your points toward the end about becoming a disciple. “To become a disciple of Christ , to become fully human, means living with a spirituality of solidarity. and renouncing a spirituality of individualism.” We are definitely in the same book, but on different pages. Please note St Catherine of Genoa has similar initials to your SGotC and SCOG, similar not identical…. Differences bring hamony….

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