A Faint Echo

“The universe of energies is constituted by a web of relationships. All things, even subatomic particles, exist for, with, and through one another. Nothing exists outside relationship. To exist is to be in relation.”

-Leonardo Boff
The Path to Hope

We were created in, by and through Love. We were made for intimacy with God. Intimacy with God is at the heart of all our searching for human friendship and intimacy. We become more fully human only in relationship to our ever-deepening consciousness of and abandonment to God, the true source of fulfillment and love.

Happiness and peace is found in a self-emptying love that is made tangible in a relationship with another. Happiness and peace are not normally found in isolation. We are communal beings, the fruit of communal love made tangible within the loving exchange found in the triune God.

Human love is merely a faint echo of divine love. Human love is weak, imperfect and prone to failure because of our engrained selfishness. But every loving human relationship, no matter how flawed, teaches us – if we are open and willing to learn – about the constantly beckoning, always giving, ever deepening, perpetually self-emptying love of God.

Love is not merely romance. Love is a school where you learn to let go of all that is not God so you can be filled with God. When two become one flesh they begin to sense the beautiful unity of God and begin to take feeble steps toward true self-emptying intimacy for which each of us was created.

We have turned the words “I love you” into a trite expression – spoken today, forgotten tomorrow – but they are the most powerful words we can ever utter. We long to hear those words, words that God whispers every day. Every day, for God, is Valentine’s Day.

“When a word like love is applied to a car, or a word like purity to a special detergent; these words have no meaning anymore but are destroyed.”

-Dorothee Soelle
On Earth as in Heaven: A Liberation Spirituality of Sharing


2 Responses to “A Faint Echo”

  1. 1 kahunapulekimo October 16, 2015 at 5:34 am

    Dear Gerry: Right now I am working on today’s blog and it is about the Hawaiian understanding about relationships (people and the Divine) and your Boff quote is absolutely on-point of what I am saying… so unless you object I may weave it into the text. Love, fj

  2. 2 krebsjoan October 16, 2015 at 6:07 am

    Gerry, two people died this week (one on Monday; one this a.m.) Each of them is over 90; each had a place in my life, and each were examples of both relationship and love. Both were WWII vets. One’s love was primarily shared with his wife; the other’s with her religious sisters and those she served in the health field. Today also our family remembers my sister whose birthday it is. She died 12/23/13. My bro-in-law is still “raw” because he misses her so. The wife of the man who died Monday said of his death, “I’m happy for him, because he was sad” (due to dementia). I”m sad because I’ll miss him.” “To exist is to be in relation.” (LB) Yes.

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