Beyond All Knowing

God spoke to St. Francis in the depths of his soul.
And in the silence of his inner most being,
Francis responded.
In time, God, who has no voice,
spoke to Francis in everything.
Francis became a word of God,
echoing all he heard
in the inmost center of his being
during his prolonged periods of contemplation.
Francis’ experience of God
went beyond faith,
beyond dogma and symbols.
His experience of God
gave birth to a spontaneous awe
at the sacredness of life, of being.
The invisible Source of Life touched Francis
and Francis knew beyond all knowing
that God was real.
And this deep knowing
was beyond explanation,
beyond discussion and debate,
beyond himself.

God wants to touch
each of us in the same way.
God is always reaching out
to us.
Now is the perfect time
to respond
to the perpetual invitation
God is always
sending us.


1 Response to “Beyond All Knowing”

  1. 1 krebsjoan October 4, 2015 at 10:29 am

    “Now is the perfect time to respond…” to the God-with-no-voice reaching out. Of course the problem now, as always, is — oh yeah? Especially is this so for women who crave gender equality in the world, in the church. For us the real God reaches for us in many guises of her Spirit: Fire, strong & loud wind, encounter, each other, whispers, “coming upon…” and so on! A woman’s God is elusive, ever changing, never real in any specific way. At least that’s true for this woman. I suspect that’s true for many of my “predecessors” and contemporaries as well. I know it’s true for people like Simone Weil and Therese of Lisieux, Joan Chittister, Ilia Delio to name just a few.

    This is not debate, only heart-sharing. I wish, mightily wish, to be able to experience that “God is real, beyond all knowing” in the same way Francis did – once and for all, just deeper and deeper. Now you’ve got me wondering about Clare. I have a funny hunch there are some surprises there (after all Ilia Delio is Franciscan)

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