God Provides

Recently after my early morning prayer time, I was left feeling scattered and a bit perplexed. In a word, I felt unnourished. I guess I wanted to “hear” something, something that would feed me. Instead I endured a noisy silence, hearing nothing but my own scattered thoughts, most of which reflected my concern about my inability to raise sufficient funds to effectively operate the Pax et Bonum Communications. We seem always on the brink of extinction. Then, as I pushed myself away from my desk, I spotted a little book I had not looked at in years. The book featured selected readings from the works of Ruth Burrows, an English Carmelite nun who is one of my favorite spiritual writers. I opened the book randomly and slowly read the following passage:

“We must submit our whole being to the discipline of the desert and not seek to avoid it. Like the Israelites of old we must press forward along a way we know not, trusting ourselves to God’s guidance, relying on him to supply all our needs.

Alas! Like them we grow weary of the wilderness, but let us not lose hope. Let us leave it to God to give us sufficient pleasure and comfort to sustain us. He will send us manna and make sweet water spring from the rock in due time, when we really need it.

We learn by experience that there is beauty and tenderness even in the desert, but it must be of God’s providing. Let us accept with humble love all the comforts both material and spiritual which he provides for us but let us not seek them for ourselves.

Oftentimes the silence and bleakness of the desert seems to penetrate into the depths of our souls, a desert of loneliness and aridity. We must not try to evade suffering; just trust in God to see us through, putting a seal on our lips, letting the silent peace of the desert enfold us.”

Suddenly and unexpectedly, I had been nourished. God provides. Praise God.


1 Response to “God Provides”

  1. 1 krebsjoan September 25, 2015 at 8:11 am

    “… press forward along a way we know not….” Amen.

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