Accepting My Weaknesses

Some days my life and ministry make no sense to me. A huge amount of effort goes into making films very few people see. I am not making much of difference in the lives of the poor. I seem to be a bundle of contradictions. But I now recognize that when I feel confused or overwhelmed by life, that I’m opening up a crack for God’s grace to flow in…grace intended to touch and transform me. How lucky are we that God loves sinners…perhaps even more than saints. God simply wants us to accept our weaknesses and reach out to Her for help. Come Holy Spirit help me change me. I think much of the troubles facing humanity today stems from a lack of genuine faith in God and, subsequently, a lack of hope, which in turn diminishes the capacity for love.

Don’t get me wrong. By accepting my weaknesses, I’m not passively condoning them. I want to change, to overcome my weaknesses. I want to become holy. But in order to do so, I need to accept the reality that I am a flawed person. Acknowledging my flaws creates an environment for humility to take root. I can’t change myself by myself. I need God’s help. It is important for me to accept myself as I am. God does! We fear that if people really knew who we were in the inner recesses of our hearts, knew our faults and failures, no one would love us. Scripture as far back as the prophet Isiah tells us that we are “precious” in the eyes of God. Overriding my fears and confusions is the remembrance of that day in an empty church in Rome in 1995, when I was truly lost and alone, when I suddenly felt myself afloat in a sea of love for merely a fraction of a second…and that was enough to change my life. Before that dramatic, life-altering moment, I was sincerely seeking God, a God I truly doubted existed. Sadly, so many today have cut themselves off from God, and as a result they’ve cut themselves off from God’s unmerited grace. In order to receive the grace God wishes to shower upon you, you need to want it. In order to want it, you need to know you need it. This is where recognizing and accepting your weaknesses is so important, because in doing so, you acknowledge your need of God’s help. When you ask for, it will come…sometimes in a form you least expect.


1 Response to “Accepting My Weaknesses”

  1. 1 Mike "K" Robinson June 17, 2015 at 6:12 am

    Gerry, in many ways you remind me of G.K.Chesterton, such a wonderful and prolific writer, a master wordsmith, ready to address every subject with practical wisdom. But his real secret was found in his response whenever a person asked him, “What is wrong with this world?” His answer was always one tiny word, “me.” In your writings, Gerry, you state well how we are all, though surrounded by so many people, quite alone in this world. The journey, or the “battle” as many like to call it, is very much “me n He” (or, as you nicely put it today, “me n She,” God). It’s the only place to start and end each day, really. The secret of Mr. Gandhi’s success was the same: “The only battles to be fought should be on the battlefield of each person’s heart, and since I haven’t fared very well in mine, I suppose that’s why I’m so tolerant of all the other scoundrels around me.” Scoundrels, knuckleheads, sinners. How does that song go, “Ring the bell that still can ring, forget the perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. It’s how the light comes in.”

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