Our Interior Life

More than anything else, Jesus wishes us to be free…truly free from the things that bind and imprison us. He wants us to know and exercise the freedom to become who we really are—children of a loving God who wishes us to pass on the love we were freely given, a love that never diminishes, falters, or wanes no matter how reprehensible our behavior. God’s love is never contingent upon our behavior. God only loves, always, everywhere, everyone. Humbly attempting to imitate God’s unconditional love (which is our vocation, no matter our career) will often take us to places we would rather not go. Christ’s love took him to the cross.

The freedom Jesus wishes for us can only be found deep within us. It is within our interior life where growth happens…and eventually bubbles up and spills out into our exterior life. This is why it is so vitally important that we nurture our inner life by spending at least a few minutes a day in stillness and silence. If you are serious about developing or deepening your relationship with God, a day without stillness and silence is like a day without air and water…you will not survive long. I personally need the first one to two hours of every day to be spent in silence before God. For me, that early morning time alone is a matter of survival.


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