Original Goodness

Original sin did not eclipse original goodness. Original sin damaged and diminished original goodness. Deep inside us there is goodness that has been tarnished by selfishness. Original goodness contains a trace of sacredness that cannot be erased.

Any religion that has been reduced to mere performance of certain rituals, affirming certain “truths,” adhering to certain moral principles, and being part of a special group is useless. Religion is about participation not merely following. Authentic religion helps the believer to fully enter into to the divine flow of life, which for Christians means actively participating in the mystery of the Trinity. Christianity is more than going to church on Sunday and trying to be good the rest of the week. Christ calls us to something much deeper.

Spiritual and religious absolutism is arrogant, dangerous, and a road block to truth. The path to truth is paved by personal and communal experience and interpretation, aided by sparks of insight from our own personal stories and the life stories of members of our family, friends, and communities. I used to enjoy religious and spiritual debates. No more. I have no desire to confront or correct anyone. I want only to confront and correct myself.


1 Response to “Original Goodness”

  1. 1 Jerry June 11, 2015 at 11:11 am

    I’m still struggling with not correcting others but I understand and aspire to finally eliminating that lower motivation.

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