Authentic Transformation

Outside the inevitable suffering
caused by death and accidents,
most suffering bubbles up out of
our craving for transitory things
and our worldly attachments.

It is easy to become attached
to the kind of secure certainty
peddled by religious fundamentalism.
But this kind of “knowing”
is a road block to true knowing.
Clinging to the comfort of certainty
is just as bad as all our temporal attachments.

It is difficult for God’s Word to enter
our inner temple
because its entrance is blocked
by our endless array of attachments.
In order to be heard,
God requires silence and detachment from us.

Without daily contemplative silence
it is impossible to have
a true encounter with God’s Word within us,
where authentic transformation begins.


1 Response to “Authentic Transformation”

  1. 1 Jose Luis February 18, 2015 at 8:41 pm

    Gerry, thanks again for your periodic posts which are a surprising delight! You are quite a talented writer and hope to read your most recent publication: “The Loneliness and Longing of Saint Francis.” Hope you are well brother.
    Peace and Good,
    José Luis

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