Morning Prayer

The following comes from my journal and was written in Uganda in 2008 while I was working on a film titled The Fragrant Spirit of Life.

Birds singing their morning cantatas mixed with the sounds of the Muslim call to prayer and the clanging bells of the churches. Uganda is waking up. It will be another long, hard day. But the day will be sprinkled with simple blessings and quiet acts of kindness. As the dawn breaks you can sense the natural harmony of life. You can feebly feel the pulse of infinite love beating within the rhythm of life in Africa.

Here you see the hands and feet of Jesus nailed to scrap wood over and over and over again. The agony of poverty and violence cannot still the Spirit in the soil of the earth, in the souls of the people. The fragrant Spirit of Life smiles through the pain of living and the mystery of death.

O come, breathe in the Spirit, exhale the Love, give birth to faith and hope.

The hopes of the wonderful people we are filming can be easily crushed by our indifference and inaction and by our lack of authentic concern about the abysmal state of their health care and educational infrastructures.


2 Responses to “Morning Prayer”

  1. 1 mike Robinson November 25, 2014 at 5:27 am

    Gerry, you so clearly – and oh so lovingly – describe the twin cords of joy and sorrow that intertwine into a strong rope that holds together these communities of suffering people WHO ARE THE REAL CHURCH, THE BODY OF CHRIST throughout the world today. We thank you for daring to go out there to show Him to us. May we never forget Him-in-them.

  2. 2 Jerry November 25, 2014 at 9:46 am

    “O come, breathe in the Spirit, exhale the Love, give birth to faith and hope.” – thank you for that prayerful sentiment.

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