The Painful Truth

A careful reading of the gospels reveals that from God’s point of view, true success in human life is measured by your ability to incarnate the beatitudes. Service to the poor and lowly is not optional…it is a requirement for the follower of Christ. If the Gospel is not about love and justice, it has been reduced to mere sentimentality. Justice in God’s tender hands offers transformation not punishment.

Love of God requires us to take a stance of gentleness, reverence, and respect in our attitude toward all other beings. We especially need to cultivate respectful and gentle mindfulness of the needs of the poor. When it comes to helping the poor, not knowing what to do is not an excuse not to do anything. Do what you can. To turn your back on the poor is to turn your back on Jesus. Giving a few dollars to the poor is not the same as being one with the poor, which is what Christ requires. The moral measure of any society or community can be gauged by how it treats its weakest member. Outside of peace, is there anything more beautiful than kindness?

Our streets are littered with homeless people because we seek comfort rather than compassion and love. The painful truth is that we serve our own individual, personal interests rather than the common good. We have much work to do. Our attitude toward the poor is linked to our attitude toward God. Our response to God’s saving love for us is reflected in our love and service of the poor.


1 Response to “The Painful Truth”

  1. 1 Joan Krebs November 8, 2014 at 8:53 pm

    Gerry, an Associate CSJ recently wrote a letter to the editor bearing the title, “We Are All the Poor.” I copied it for our Spirituality of Solidarity Regulars and others. I’ll put a copy in the mail for you. It’s a great meditation also…. (that means “in addition to yours….”

    Joan Krebs1625 Glenview Rd, #310Glenview, IL 60025

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