Authentic Happiness


“Humility contains in itself the answer to all the great problems of the life of the soul. It is the only key to faith, with which the spiritual life begins: for faith and humility are inseparable.”
-Thomas Merton

We begin the journey to authentic happiness only when we are able to look deeply at our own pain, and truly see the fear, doubt, and disappointments we have hidden away within us. In doing so, we begin to acknowledge and accept our imperfections and negative feelings, and embrace the reality that we are not perfect, so there is no need to take ourselves so seriously or engage in the defensive tactics of denial and scapegoating. We need to see ourselves as we truly are. While we look to heaven, we need to keep both feet firmly planted on the ground. The spiritual life requires both upward-looking (at God) and downward-looking (at our self.) In doing so, we see our flaws and we see God’s love for us despite those flaws. As it says early in the Bible: “God saw that everything was fine.” And that includes you. When you are truly one with yourself, God is walking with you and God is closer to you than you can imagine. There is no need to be afraid of God, or to live in fear. God knows your imperfections, but God also knows that at your core you are good…because you were created in and are sustained by Love. There is a divine center within all of us which gives each of us divine dignity. And Christ’s sole wish was to liberate us from anything that separates us from that divine dignity.


2 Responses to “Authentic Happiness”

  1. 1 aliceny October 26, 2014 at 10:09 am

    Thank you for this, Gerry. It comes to me at a time in my life, and because of recent circumstances, when I need to meditate upon and accept your words . I am also sharing this post with several persons whom I care about.

  2. 2 zooey891 October 27, 2014 at 9:41 am

    ditto above! Today is wonderful if only I didn’t have these hurt feelings (lol). Of course I understand, but to have my thoughts validated is great. Humility is not one of the virtues that come easily. But, it is always available by the Grace of God for even an arrogant, stubborn, pride filled soul as me. Again thanks

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