A Piece of Broken Bread

God hides in a piece of broken bread and in the broken life of a slum-dweller. The life of Christ makes it clear that God choose humility over majesty, that infinity dwells in the finite. Jesus embraced simplicity, poverty and humility. What do we embrace?

While God’s love embraces all people, God has clearly demonstrated deep concern for the poor and the needy, the helpless and the oppressed. God demands that we side with the poor, the powerless and victims of injustice. To walk with the poor is to be in harmony with the will of God. Justice requires that all people have a place to sleep, enough food to eat, and work that makes them feel worthwhile.

The crucified and transfigured Christ’s message of love compels us to judge no one, to exclude no one; moreover, it requires us to help others to carry their cross, fully sharing in their pain and suffering. The incarnation of Christ epitomizes God’s passion for the poor and the disinherited.


2 Responses to “A Piece of Broken Bread”

  1. 1 a squeaky kneeler September 7, 2014 at 7:51 am

    Thank you, Gerry, for your “daily bread offering.” i don’t think that we find your message revealed any more clearly than in the life of our dear Saint Francis of Assisi, who wept until he was blind, “because Such Great Love Goes Unloved,” unrecognized, unappreciated. So much of his elementary education was geared towards his dream of becoming a knight, and i have found it so enlightening to learn how knighthood was considered equal to, or even higher than, religious life, a true vocation from God to a life of utter service, ever ready to lay down one’s life for others. It was a call to the very opposite of what it seemed, strength and power, as the young knight was instructed over and over that his ultimate goal was Magnanimity (the main quality of God Himself), that is, to show one’s Greatness by how well and far he could bend to lift up anyone who was weak or broken or poor or wounded in any way. You said it so well, Gerry, that the Ultimate Expression of that Love to this day is in the way the King of kings still comes every day, all over the world, in a tiny white host, just as He once came to Bethlehem, so simply, so humbly, to serve, a Shepherd ready to be a lamb of sacrifice. May we who chew on that LOVE every day really find that strength to serve. As the other great St. Francis (de Sales) used to say, “There is no greater strength than gentleness.” Pax et Bonum, Gerry. just a squeaky kneeler

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