State of Alert Stillness

Without solitude and silence, I easily lose my self. And God. Silence gives me space for receptivity; it allows me to hear the speechless language of God and to respond with our hearts. Silence produces an inner restfulness that helps the soul to soar. The greatest malady of our time is the absence of stillness and silence. To become more and more silent, to enter deeply into creative silence, takes courage. The wordless is foreign to us. Yet God transcends language and intellect. Listen…don’t think. Deep silence is profoundly liberating.

Prayerful silence is more than a lack of words; it is a state of alert stillness. The point is not to rest, but to concentrate and focus the heart and mind on God. Beneath the appearance of passivity is an active state of attentiveness. In deep silence, we are fully awake, fully open and one with God.

To enter the silence of meditation is to enter our own poverty as we renounce words and images, as we renounce thoughts and imagination, as we renounce our concepts and intellect and we sit alert, waiting to hear from God…even if we must wait a lifetime.


3 Responses to “State of Alert Stillness”

  1. 1 Joan Krebs September 1, 2014 at 9:31 am

    This is so much like Simone Weil’s “Waiting in patience” and therefore very, very valuable to me. Thanks for the reminder, Gerry.

  2. 2 mike robinson September 1, 2014 at 5:47 pm

    Gerry, thank you for still another great Pearl of Wisdom. It transported me back to my college years and to Walden Pond, where i met the ghost of Henry there, still strolling in the woods. i don’t think there was a better sentence that came out of him than “Never did I meet a companion so companionable as solitude.” Wow! You make that point, Gerry, how the
    people of today are so so very lost, because they have not been able to find that companion. They are so afraid of silence and aloneness. Thoreau also noted so clearly that one can be more lonely in a vast crowd than in solitude. It all depends on the journey within…to the silence. Thanks, Gerry. You are amazing! just a squeaky kneeler

  3. 3 Angela Ann September 2, 2014 at 7:27 am

    Interior silence is one of the most strengthening and affirming of human experiences. There is nothing more affirming , in fact, than the experience of God’s presence. That revelation says as nothing else can, “You are a good person.I created you and I love you.” (Keating. Open Mind Open Hearts, p. 66)

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