Clean and Whole

Clean and Whole

In God, there is no trace of vengeance, not even for a split second. Wrath and vengeance are human traits. God knows nothing of wrath because wrath is a turning away from peace and love. Wrath is born from a failure of wisdom and goodness on our part. God is the goodness that cannot be wrathful. Julian of Norwich said, “If God were vengeful for even a moment we would never have life, place or being. In God is endless friendship, space, life and being.” The Church was dreadfully wrong to say that sinners are sometimes worthy of blame and wrath. God neither shames nor blames us; God only loves us and always sees us as clean and whole. And, no matter how hard we resist it, God constantly showers us with the grace to see ourselves as God sees us. It is in our capacity to forgive that is a true sign of our holiness. When we forgive others, we are overcoming our own imperfection, selfishness, smallness, and spiritual ignorance and becoming more aligned with God’s love.


3 Responses to “Clean and Whole”

  1. 1 zooey891 August 16, 2014 at 5:34 am

    What nonsense you just said. Of course God gets angry with us. It’s all over the Bible. What God is not is vengeful. Anger and revenge are two entirely different responses to situations.

    • 2 James Sedwick August 16, 2014 at 7:08 am

      Not nonsense at all! I read “Clean and Whole” twice, no trace of the word anger. Anger is a real and justifiable feeling, and, at times, it is necessary. I think it is part of being human, and it is possible to feel anger with those we love. Vengeance and wrath are qualities undesirable with man or God.
      In my opinion, God’s understanding is so great that anger isn’t needed; if only our understanding would be so great.

  2. 3 mike robinson August 16, 2014 at 5:53 am

    Gerry, i hear you…and love what you said. i don’t know if you ever read Richard Rohr, OFM. He is a passionate lover, like you, of both St Francis and “Saint” Julian. He is forever stressing the Perfect Love, WHO IS GOD, versus ANY SIN which we can man-ufacture. He even is so bold, as was
    his dear Julian, to say that the Church always tended to emphasize the sin instead of the LOVE, saying that Jesus’ true purpose for coming was NOT to “save us from sin” so much as to “show us TRUE LOVE” and to teach us that WE CAN DO IT, TOO, IF WE REALLY TRY. As you say so well, Gerry, FORGIVENESS then is our perfect connection to God. No one understood all of this better than Francis,who we know went blind from weeping soooo much, weeping because “SUCH GREAT LOVE GOES UNLOVED!!!” Pax et Bonum, Gerry. mike robinson

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