For Love to Give Love

How sad, how tragically sad, that we allow ourselves to be ruled and controlled by our illusions and fears. And so we live much of our lives in a prison of falsity. This is not God’s plan for any of us. God wants us to know true peace and freedom.

We were created in the image of God, which is to say we were created to mirror the love of the Trinity by giving ourselves away, for life to give life, for mercy to give mercy, for compassion to give compassion, for peace to give peace, for love to give love.

Because we do not know our real self, our true nature, we live in darkness and doubt. Conflicts haunt us. We feel threatened. And so we build walls around ourselves for protection. In the depths of our being we feel isolated, alone, naked. Joy is fleeting. Bitterness grows in our uncultivated garden starving for sunlight. The goodness and creativity of God is unknown, hidden, in part, by our own brokenness, our own weakness.


1 Response to “For Love to Give Love”

  1. 1 aliceny August 4, 2014 at 2:59 pm

    Beautifully said, Gerry.

    No doubt there are many people who live their lives in fear and illusion (escapism) because reality has become too much to bear. But I do not believe that it is always a conscious, selfish decision nor one that reflects a lack of trust in God’s faithfulness. Rather, I think it may be due to mental self preservation, an effort to avoid and to deny the constant bombardment of the savagery and hatred in a godless world gone mad that we see every day exposed by the relentless media. Most people do seek peace and freedom –
    as evidenced by the wars and turmoil in nearly every corner of the earth. We are witnessing that those without peace and freedom are willing to pay the staggering price that is required.

    The gifts of faith and grace that we have been given so freely by our loving, gracious God should make it easier for us to seek Him in prayer. But that may not always be the case. Contemplative prayer and other methods used by mystics stress that we shut out everything that is not of God and allow us to come into His presence so that we may know His will for us. For me, personally, and for others with whom I discuss the conundrum mentioned above, this seems to be easier said than done. It is the ‘shutting out’ that is the challenge — not the will and desire to seek God’s presence.

    Your second paragraph is powerful in its simplicity and basic truth. If we believe in all that the mystery of the Trinity demands from us we have a sacred, immutable responsibility to implement all that is asked of us:
    giving of self, mercy, compassion, peace and love. In so doing, we have to admit to ourselves that this sometimes seems to be an impossible task. It is not. The overall reality of what is asked of us may seem too daunting to even begin to attempt. That is not the case. If we just start with one person, one event, one challenge, and do our very best, trusting that God in His wisdom will do the rest, we will succeed. God will take our contribution and increase it a hundred fold.

    I am reminded here of the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ Transfiguration on a mountain where he was accompanied by the Apostles Peter, James and John. Jesus became gloriously transcendent as the second person of the Trinity. The apostles must have been transfixed and overcome by what they were witnessing. In very human musing, I wonder if they had hoped to remain there – forever – safe and protected on holy ground. But, as we know, that was not to be. They had to descend from the glory that they had just witnessed, leave the mountain for the earth below, to continue their sometimes grueling discipleship that, as we know, ended in martyrdom for most of the apostles and others who followed Jesus’ teachings.

    And so it is with us. We know by faith in Jesus’ promise that the prize awaits us.

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