Regular Meals

Hunger and starvation has reached epidemic proportions in many parts of earth. While widespread physical hunger is disgraceful and lamentable (not to mention preventable), the real global hunger is the inner famine of the experience of God. Many of us who believe in God are lacking an integration of our expressed belief and our daily lives. We hunger for a prayerful spiritual experience at the core of our beings. This unfulfilled hunger is the cause of deep frustration and longing. Our spiritual lives are underdeveloped and overly restricted, resulting in crippling neuroses and an unhealthy pursuit of money, power and pleasure. Regular meals of prayer feed our hunger for God.


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  1. 1 aliceny June 2, 2014 at 8:50 am

    Yes, Gerry. You have named this universal malady truthfully and knowingly.

    There IS indeed hunger, not only among those who profess a belief in God, but among all peoples who are searching aimlessly and in the wrong places for that which will satisfy their souls within them. They cannot name this hunger but their minds and souls crave it. They know that there has to be something else ‘out there’ but don’t know where to find it. They feed every human bodily ‘hunger,’ satisfy every ‘itch,’ but never seek beyond for the true cause of their hunger which, once found, will fill their lives and souls with a nurturing, meaning, hope and joy that they could ever imagine was possible.

    I see this hunger among so many people I meet in my own small sphere of living. I see it, especially, among the young. They are not simply hungry — they are starving and they have no idea where to go to slake their unnamed hunger. This is one of the most alarming tragedies of the time in which we live.

    In so many instances, the young to which I refer have been reared in homes among parents or caretakers who know nothing of God. Mosty attend sterile public education factories where the name and knowledge of God is forbidden — de jure and de facto. They turn to their peers for help but find that they, too, are in the same quandary, seeking unhealthy and dangerous ways to solve their problems and still their angst — often through drugs and experimental sexual activity. For them, their future looks foreboding and insecure. If we lose our children to the prevalent forces of evil we have lost everything!

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