The Eyes of Christ

Following Jesus requires a lot more than learning abstract ethical and moral principles; it requires a change in heart, a change in the way we look at life. A heart transformed by the love of Christ is a patient heart, a heart that takes the time to be still and to listen. To see with the eyes of Christ, is to see the beauty of all creation, to see the beauty within ourselves and within each other.

We are all in such a hurry, rushing from here to there, from this to that, an endless treadmill of movement going nowhere. Anxiety is as common as a cold. We are anxious about the future, our jobs, our relationships…we are anxious about virtually everything. And our anxiety breeds a drive to acquire more and more of everything. Nothing is enough. We want more of everything. More money, more prestige, more clothing, more contacts, better cars, bigger houses, faster computers.

And in our endless movement, our constant rushing, we do not see our own loneliness, our brokenness. We are all wounded. But as our hearts become more transformed by the presence of Christ, we are able, in our weakness, to feel the love of God and to trust in the abundance of God’s love. Our relentless drive to acquire more is fueled by our deep-rooted sense of scarcity, our inability to trust that God wants to give us all that we need.


1 Response to “The Eyes of Christ”

  1. 1 luigidaniele March 31, 2014 at 8:46 am

    Thanks Gerry. Needed that. 🙂

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