Fast, Faster, Fastest

On the road to God,
words eventually dissolve into silence.

Silence requires stillness;
but everything today is about speed.
Fast, faster, fastest.
We live lives of perpetual motion,
always on the go,
dashing here, running there.

And when we are not moving,
we are bombarded
with an avalanche of rapid-fire images
deliciously packaged and presented by
Hollywood and Madison Avenue.

Today, most of us are drowning
in a deafening sea of noise.
Our homes and cars have
elaborate entertainment centers.
Cell phones allow us to talk
while driving, shopping or walking in the woods.
Cable and satellite TV serves up
news, sports and movies 24 hours a day.
Computers link us
to the internet and chat rooms
and web sites featuring triple X porn stars.
And of course, crass commercialism
is always screaming something at us,
insisting we need what we don’t need.
There is no escaping
the pounding, unrelenting
drum beat of noise.

The need for silence in our lives
is beyond measure.
Silence is essential
to inner peace and growth.

The frenzied pace of life today
easily leaves us feeling
disorientated and unbalanced.
The crush of time and competition
has nearly squeezed
contemplation out of existence.
Without regular periods
of stillness and contemplation,
we are doomed.

Contemplation takes us out of the world
so we may see the world better, more clearly.

We do not need to run
and catch God;
we need to stop running
and be caught by God.

Lent is the perfect time to stop running.



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