The Call to Holiness

The innermost essence of God
is hidden from us,
totally separated from the created world.
We can see only hints of God’s love,
which is enduring and incomprehensible.
God is utterly transcendent
and lovingly immanent.

The call to holiness is an invitation
to enter fully into
a committed relationship with God.
As we respond,
God graciously nurtures growth
in the relationship,
by using events, circumstances and people
in our lives as instruments
to hasten a contemplative outlook on life.
Prayer becomes a vital part of our day;
and, in prayer, we encounter more fully
the Author of our life.

The primary focus of prayer
is to lead the mind to stillness.
Prayer creates the unruffled calmness
required to encounter God.
Prayer helps us become more aware
of God’s presence.
The goal of prayer is
communion with God.

This personal encounter with the Creator
slowly transforms us into a Divine likeness,
as it gently erases
all traces
of the un-God-like substance
within us.
In prayer, we unlock
the vault to our deepest self
and allow light to shine on God
who is already abiding
at the very core of our being,
hidden from us
yet patiently
waiting for us.


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