Catherdrals of the Poor

For me, the far-too-numerous and massive slums that dot the landscape of so many developing nations are Cathedrals of the Poor, places so real and raw that they pulsate with the presence of God. In these slums, you are on holy ground because Jesus is here in the form of people suffering from hunger and curable diseases.

Christ wants us to live a life of detachment and expectation. But we cling to the countless things we think are important. We chase after what we don’t have; we lust after what is beyond our reach. We have turned greed and hoarding into virtues. Consumed by our need for comfort and security, we have become blinded to the needs of the poor. We do not share, and our selfishness is the cause of much of the poverty we see.

Economic policies in affluent nations often have a devastating impact on destitute people living in destitute countries, making basic human dignity something that is far beyond their reach. The people in these slums have no voice, no power, no rights…and no way to make their plight known.

We are driven by economic success. We worship on the altar of consumerism. Christ showed us a different way – a way of simplicity, dependence upon God and extending good will to others. Our commodity driven economy is not in harmony with the teachings of Jesus.

We need to share our time, our treasure, our love with the chronically poor. Jesus wants us to give our lives away. This is Gospel giving.


1 Response to “Catherdrals of the Poor”

  1. 1 Kaye Wilkins January 18, 2014 at 2:30 pm

    Going back to Haiti this week. Lots of Cathedrals there,
    Thanks for your focus on those in poverty
    Kaye Wilkins

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