Daily Conversion

When St. Francis of Assisi began to understand that his life was a gift of love, he desired nothing else than that his life become a loving gift to God and others. This shift in consciousness did not happen all at once. The journey from the assumption of absolute autonomy and the false egocentric notion that we are self-sufficient, to a posture of total surrender to God and the recognition of our genuine interconnectedness with all life takes time and requires daily conversion.

Day by day, step by step, prayer by prayer we inch our way along the Way back to God, back to the fullness of life and love. But we easily get distracted, sidetracked by false desires and empty illusions. This is why the discipline of prayer was important to Francis and he did not want to leave it to chance. He carefully carved out time alone, time apart from the roar of the crowd, time for God alone.


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