The Common Thread

Love is not
something God does.
Love is
what God is.

And God consistently showers
undivided love on each of us,
no matter our faith or lack of faith,
no matter our holiness or sinfulness.
We all need to find the common thread,
to reveal the hidden wholeness,
to see the inscape of the soul.
We must do more than preach tolerance
at a comfortable distance,
without listening, without relationship, without growth.

We must open ourselves to one another.
We must risk learning something
new and essential on the path to God,
and thus risk altering the presumptions
that have shaped our respective faiths.
Perhaps all the various faiths
embraced by people around the world
need to be more lyrical and less dogmatic…
so we can all live in peace
and grow in unity
as we strive to enter more fully
into the mystery of life,
the mystery of God.


1 Response to “The Common Thread”

  1. 1 aliceny August 17, 2013 at 7:14 am

    Thank you, Gerry.
    The key for me here is “less dogmatic.” I believe that that is what separates us from other faith groups (religions) and keeps us from communicating with each other. It is as if an invisible wall were there, along with a great deal of suspicion and even animosity. Each ‘religion’ has a tendency to ‘brainwash’ its practitioners by use of strict dogma that automatically closes their minds to new ideas, new ways of understanding God and God’s place in our lives, regardless of how we name that God, that Higher Power as some say.

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