Endless Grace

God spoke to St. Francis of Assisi in the depths of his soul. His experience of God went beyond faith, beyond dogma and symbols. His experience of God gave birth to a spontaneous awe at the sacredness of life, of being. The invisible Source of Life touched Francis and Francis knew beyond all knowing that God was real. And this deep knowing was beyond explanation, beyond discussion and debate, beyond himself.

God wants to touch each of us in the same way. God is always reaching out to us. God’s invitation is perpetual. Sadly, for the most part, our response to God’s invitation is pretty timid and haphazard. We’re not always aware of God’s presence because we’re too focused on ourselves, on our own wounds, our own ideas, our own selfish desires. The path to God’s door and the fullness of life is straight and narrow, yet we keep veering off onto cul-de-sacs of empty promises and phantom illusions.

God knows all our doubts, all our confusions, and the endless contradictions that spring from our meager, parched inner life. God knows our weaknesses, our faults and our many failures. God knows we do not always act as we wish to act.

And God still loves us and wants to heal all our inner wounds. It is impossible for God to withhold love from us. It is the one thing God can’t do, for loving is the essence of God’s being. All God desires is for us to do as God does, to make ourselves invisible and silent, to make ourselves weak and poor, to give ourselves away, completely and without reservation, so that only God can shine within us enabling us to love always, everywhere, everyone.

God’s unmerited grace is always present during our times of weakness and confusion. As we become more rooted in prayer the more we will become aware of God’s endless grace.


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