Random Scribbled Thoughts

We live in a constant state of genesis, always changing, always evolving, always being born anew. Today we begin again. This very moment is pregnant with new possibilities for growing in God, with God, through God. Today is a new creation.

We were made for growth and creativity. The creator designed us to be creators. What are we creating? Conflict and war? Justice and peace? Those are our basic choices.

Out of nothing comes everything. Out of darkness comes light. Out of desolation comes consolation.

There is nothing so steady and relentless, so committed and enduring, so firm and unwavering as God’s love for us. Over and over again, in story after story, Jesus tells us that the defining characteristic of God is not anger but love.

Yet we stumble around in a fog of misplaced guilt and wrong attachments. As children of God, we are called to be people of love, people who accept God’s love and people who transmit God’s love.

For repentance to be real and true it must be more than a fleeting twinge of remorse. Genuine repentance must lead to a transformation of our lives. Repentance involves two steps. Stop doing something bad. Start doing something good. Contrition should evolve into acts of goodness.

Within every one we meet there is an inherent goodness. It is our duty to shine a light on that goodness.

To not love your enemies is to believe they are beyond the scope of God’s power.


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