Love and Goodness

The only way poverty will be reduced
is with love and goodness.

We need to see God in each other.
We need to turn away from hatred
and more fully embrace love.
We need to make compassion
the foundation of our lives and actions.
Tolstoy said that our great duty as humans
was to sow the seed of compassion
in each other’s heart.
And it is only compassion
that will change and save the world.

Christ’s work of reconciliation and healing
beckons us to build bridges to unity,
bridges to a distant shore
where common ground is found
and peace prevails.

Our very woundedness
is waiting to be transformed
into compassion.
Our emotional and physical pain
helps us understand and respond to
the suffering of another.
Compassion is as elegant
as any cathedral.

We believe that Christ rose from the dead.
We are resurrection people.
But yet, when we look at the reality
of the world around us,
we see death and destruction,
revenge and retaliation.
We must not let our culture of death
Dominate our spirit of life.
We have lost
our prophetic voice
and we no longer defend
the undocumented, the lonely and the alienated,
those who are hurting
and have no voice.

Poverty exists
because we as the human family
have forgotten God
and turned our backs
on God’s children.

We need to share our time,
our treasure, our love
with the chronically poor.
Jesus wants us
to give our lives away.
This is Gospel giving.

In giving of ourselves,
Christ is truly risen.


1 Response to “Love and Goodness”

  1. 1 aliceny May 17, 2013 at 10:04 am

    “We need to see God in each other…to sow the seed of compassion in each other’s heart….”

    And that is HOW it must be accomplished — first, on a one-to-one, person-to-person basis. Once the seed has germinated, the result will spread to the entire community. Impossible? A hopeless dream? Not really. We just need to DO IT– one smile, one direct eye contact, one loving touch, one bowl of food, one kind word at a time….anything that says to a person, “I see you, you are my brother/sister, I care about you”….

    We need to realize, too, that poverty exists in all areas of the world, not just in Africa, Haiti, India. There is poverty in our own country, in our own community — perhaps even on the street where we live….

    When we use the term ‘poverty’ today it is most often associatedd with lack of basic material needs such as food, shelter, medical care, etc.
    Just as important a concern, I believe, is poverty of the spirit. That is a need that feeds the human soul, gives hope, and restores dignity.

    Thank you, Mr. Straub, for prodding our consciences. You know whereof you speak. You have been there; you have seen it. You have shown us on film and in your writings. Your prophetic message is genuine because you call us to remember and to put into action the words of Jesus.

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