Bitter Cross

O sweet Lord
I want so very much
to avoid the bitter cross
You ask me to carry,
the cross of putting aside
everything that is outside
the realm of Your love.
Actually, nothing is outside
the realm of Your love,
because You so long for us,
so thirst for us,
that You follow us
into the darkest corners
of our lives
looking to embrace us
with Your mercy and compassion.
Yet I so often
want to embrace things
that You find
unhealthy and unfitting
for a seeker of God.

O Lord help me see, feel and know
that outside of You
there is nothing of any worth,
and that with You
all is priceless.
Help me nail to the cross
the secret things in my heart
that I must sacrifice
in order to follow You
more closely
and love You
more dearly.


1 Response to “Bitter Cross”

  1. 1 aliceny March 30, 2013 at 12:21 pm

    “Help me to nail to the cross the secret things in my heart…”

    This caused a pang in my heart — because I am afraid to let go.
    In truth, it may be that I don’t want to sever the thin thread of
    a connection that may not be in my best interest. In the beginning,
    it was an exhilirating and spiritual connection. I truly believed and felt
    that it was the beginning of love – not a fantasy. Then it turned sour
    and I was discarded…dismissed. I felt grievously hurt. I am still devastated.

    I know that human love is often fickle and can lead to disappointment
    and unhappiness.
    I believe that God’s love is unselfish, faithful, true, and everlasting.
    With His Grace, I just have to make the decision to let go, knowing
    and believing that He is there to catch me.

    Thank you for your helpful, healing words of understanding and hope, Mr. Straub.
    I am printing your post to keep near me so that I may read it every day to
    give me the strength to…finally…let go.

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