I’m Not a Saint

Christ is not asking us
to be successful
or productive.
Christ is looking for us
to be present…
present to God (in prayer),
and present to each other,
present to each other in acts of love and mercy,
especially present to the poor and the suffering.

But we don’t really take Jesus seriously.
We don’t love our enemies.
We don’t turn the other cheek.
We don’t forgive 70 x 7 times.
We don’t bless those who curse us.
We don’t share what we have with the poor.
We don’t put all our hope and trust in God.

We say: I’m not a saint.
We say: This Gospel stuff can’t be meant for everybody.
We say: The Gospel is an ideal.

But the gospel is not merely an ideal.
The Gospel is the Way.

Lent gives us the chance to see
we have strayed from the Way.

Lent is a time for self-examination,
a time for repentance
a time for acts of self-control
and acts of charity through self-emptying.

But mostly Lent is a time
to enter into the suffering and death of Jesus
which opened the reign of God’s grace
and eternal life to all humans.

Lent is a time
to take Jesus seriously.


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