Found and Lost and Found Again

I love Lent. Lent is a journey to Easter, a journey to resurrection. I need Lent because I get busy and I forget that Christ rose from the dead. And in my fog of forgetfulness, I lose sight of how that unique event needs to have continual meaning for me, that this gift of new life still happens for me. But worse than forgetting, I fail to live the reality of the Resurrection, and in doing so I turn Easter into nothing more than an annual commemoration.

The gift of new life that the Resurrection of Christ gives to each of us should dramatically change the way we view the world and the way we live life. But the reality of the end of death quickly fades into a dream. Yes, we will die, but Christ forever changed the nature of death. It is no longer an ending, but a passage – a Passover – to eternal life. Yet we forget, distracted by a thousand things, 995 of which are trivial. Christ made us partakers of His resurrection; that is the core of the Christian faith. But, sadly, it is not the core of our daily experience.

Living a life of “faith, hope and love” seems virtually impossible because of our inherent weaknesses. God continually asks us to put Him first, and seek Him at all times and in all things. We want to put God first, but we are busy, engulfed in so many distractions and preoccupations that we forget and we fail to do it. And our forgetfulness makes it easy for sin to sneak back into our lives. Slowly, the new life of Christ recedes back into the old life of man. We become shallow and stingy. Joy loses its smile and our faces turn dismal. Life loses its meaning; everything becomes pointless. God has left the building…or so we think. But no, God never leaves. It is us who turn our backs on God, and step by step walk further away. Until Lent rolls around, and prompts us to turn around and begin our journey back to God. The God we found, but lost…and who mercifully gives us an endless number of second chances to find Him again. Lent helps me see and taste the new life in Christ I so easily betray. Lent is a time to repent and return to the Source and Sustainer of life.

I love Lent. Lent helps me find what I have lost. Lent helps me fall in love again.


1 Response to “Found and Lost and Found Again”

  1. 1 Joan Krebs February 23, 2013 at 8:06 am

    Gerry, thank you for this. Actually I wrote a comment when I first read this, but neglected the instructions for sending it. That bothered me, and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to return to it. I’m really glad you shared this thought.

    Today, in the USA particularly, we need this perspective. We’ve become whiners these past few years when a teeny, tiny bit of the sacrifice others face daily has been forced into our lives. Lent should be a time for seeing “how the other half lives” and focusing on the call of the Risen Christ as prize for “running the race.” Our hearts & minds need to be on the resurrection, not ensnared by death and entombment. This inspires hope and determination rather than lamenting present sufferings and downturns.

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