Daunting Yet Essential Questions

Who am I? I mean deep down inside, at the very core of my being…who am I? Is my true identity, my true self, something created in the mind of God, or is my identity something shaped by the external forces of my birth, my family, my friends and the very circumstances of my life, such as where I live and work, and maybe even by what I eat? Is my identity formed by chance or choice…or the hand of God? Did God have a purpose for me? And if so, is my identity inexorably linked to that divine purpose?

These are daunting yet essential questions. Answers seem speculative and suspect at best. My experience tells me God is real. Furthermore, my experience reveals that God is love. If God is love, and I therefore came from love, it seems logical that my true identity will only be revealed in the perfection of Love within me.


1 Response to “Daunting Yet Essential Questions”

  1. 1 aliceny February 8, 2013 at 5:04 pm

    Mr. Straub,
    Your question, “Who Am I? is intriguing. I usually have found metaphysical thoughts too deep for me and I am not an abstract thinker. But I would like to take your (hypothetical ?) questions and comment on them at a personal level.

    To answer the first question I would say that I was co-created in love – by God and by my parents. As is the experience in all persons I have been shaped by all, and more, of the external forces that you mention.

    I think that my identity has been formed by chance and by choice, but finally, by a loving, patient God who has sought me out for most of my knowing life so that I may know Him and the indescribable love that He has for me. I believe that, as Augustine wrote in his Confessions, in creating me, God has set aside a special place within me that can be filled only with his loving presence.

    God’s purpose for me (and for all those He has created)? To enjoy eternal life with Him. God IS real for me. I have experienced His presence and His love three times in my life. As far as my revealing (or reflecting) His love, I can only pray that, at times, I do. But it is a constant struggle because of my human sinfulness.

    I sincerely hope, Mr. Straub, that your beautiful posting today will be the impetus for many of your readers to experience the sometimes painful introspection that you have suggested here. Thank you.

    May our loving God and your father Francis continue to bless you and your ministry.


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