A Thousand Things

St. Francis of Assisi said,
“The truly clean of heart are those
who look down upon earthly things,
seek those of heaven,
and, with a clean heart and spirit,
never cease adoring and seeing
the Lord God living and true.”

My heart is not clean.
Lord have mercy.

My heart is not clean.
It is sullied by
a thousand things,
none dirty unto themselves.
It is sullied by my unhealthy desire
for a thousand things
that are merely distractions
from the true longings of my soul.

I see and seek the things
but not the Spring
that animates everything.
I clutch what is not mine,
what belongs to everyone.
I long for earthly things
more than heavenly things.

The time I spend adoring God
are weak, skimpy, fleeting episodes.
Praising God is a low priority,
usually left to
the hands of fickle whim.
And so it is no wonder
I do not often see the wonder
of the living and true God.
My heart is busy,
occupied with a thousand things.

My heart is not clean.
Lord have mercy.

But a heart that is not clean
is not cause for despair.
For its very uncleanliness
prompts a tidal wave of grace.
Where sin abounds,
grace is even more bountiful.
Access to that overflowing grace
requires an honest effort
to look down upon earthly things
and seek those of heaven.

The treasure we seek is
not here but within our hearts.

Our treasure is God,
and God alone.


1 Response to “A Thousand Things”

  1. 1 aliceny January 21, 2013 at 7:07 am

    Mea Culpa! A thousand, a million times, Mea Culpa. Lord have mercy.

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