Thoughts Scribbled While Doing Other Things

When we realize the emptiness of all material things, we are free to encounter God. All that is “self” must be abandoned if we are to follow Jesus. The road He travels is the road of self-emptying.

When profit is the aim and law of life, then humanity suffers a great loss.

We all crave to be on the receiving end of a gift of love; but our very craving masks a deeper, more profound human need: to give love.

The less you have, the less you have to distract you from God.

To become poor is to know the richness of God.

The danger of building up riches is that an accumulation of wealth makes it easy to succumb to a self-complacency which makes God superfluous.

Without clinging to anything, we must patiently stand before God with open hands.

Jesus is not asking us to get rid of our possessions; he is asking us to lose our attachment to them. He knows an unfettered mind is essential to reaching the emptiness where God can meet us.

The impulse to accumulate all we can needs to be thwarted. We have no right to own more than we need. And we need far less than we want.

Voluntary physical poverty is a means to a healthy spiritual poverty.

Exterior and interior poverty are close friends.


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