Thoughts Scribbled While Doing Other Things

So much of the crazy busyness that consumes modern life is an existential mask that hides our inner emptiness.

In the space of life’s darkest moments, wisdom and light begins to flow.

Idleness invigorates the mind and creates space for inspiration.

To become vulnerable and powerless is to become totally dependent upon God.

Despite all my study, all my work, I still live in the shadows of ignorance. And in my arrogance, I think I know everything. When it comes to God, very few know very much.

Love is not something God does. Love is what God is. And God showers love on each of us.

The gospels agree on one central point: Jesus calls us to love. Christ consistently dismantles the walls that divide us from each other. His love shimmers with words of affirmation, words of kindness. His love calls us into a life of service and sharing.

In a surprising twist, science, especially quantum physics, is expanding faith in the Trinity as it shows us that relationships are all there is in the universe.


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