Letters from MUD PIES & KITES viewers

On July 12th, in the middle of a hectic day, I received a wonderful letter from a woman in upstate New York. She and her husband were sponsors of the Haiti film. Sometimes the hidden pressures of this work, and the constant stress and tension over raising funds during these depressed economic times causes me to wonder if it is worth the herculean effort it takes to keep it going. And then a letter like this comes and I realize the work is touching people, most of whom never have the time or words to express the impact a film has had on them.

First, thank you for all the emails you send to keep us up to date on your ministry and work. I feel I get to travel a bit with you to all the fortunate schools and churches who host you by reading of their comments or hearing a radio interview. My awareness continues to increase thanks to the work you do. I rejoiced to know your Illinois trip was such a wonderful success for the launch of your heart-work Mud Pies and Kites.

The film is simply wonderful! It is WONDERFUL! Congratulations. It is such a journey, one I chose to make in its entirety from beginning to end. I was left bare-naked at the end and despite my copious tears, my sad emotions and my complete sense of utter emptiness, I was deeply grateful, hopeful and most especially motivated. One cannot see and hear all you are sharing and not change one’s view each day of each and every person we encounter and the myriad of sufferings right in front of us. It really begs us to awaken to our choices. Though I have not seen what you have nor can I smell what I can only imagine in your descriptions, when your images arrive into my comfortable living room I am reminded to yet again ‘change my life.’ To not indulge my passions for making sense of suffering but to allow the experience of your film to be converted to better choices in every area of my life so that we ALL may benefit. To bring my own healing presence to every person I encounter and to grow to accommodate the space needed inside for that. That each moment we respond trusting WHO we are is always enough even when we think we have nothing to give. A smile plenty. Fr. Tom’s interview is a jewel in the crown of the film and I was so appreciative of the hope demonstrated in small stories after seeing the children with special needs and the hospital with its abundant lack. The despair of the mud pies is interwoven splendidly with the beauty and hope in the kites throughout the whole film, you are an inspiring filmmaker with a great gift. Your passion for Haiti and its people is incredibly moving.

And most important, Gerry, you are in my prayers. I cannot tell you of the intention my heart sends forth that your ministry grows to touch many, many lives and awaken hearts. You inspire me personally to increase my silent time with God so that when I do serve I do not just alleviate pain but really ALLOW myself to see others in the way that transforms and creates. Each moment adding love or hate to the world and falling, letting go more and more into the trusting arms of our ever loving Creator.



On July 13th, I received the following letter from a woman in Detroit; she and her husband were sponsors of the Haiti film.


The experience of watching Mud Pies and Kites is one of full immersion in unimaginable misery. It’s a journey to a place that I don’t want to know exists. It shakes up my comfortable life and challenges me to re-examine the “good Christian” life I lead. It reminds me that simply not choosing to be more informed about the devastating scope of poverty doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and, more importantly, doesn’t excuse me from doing something about it. Looking into the eyes of the people you met, seeing the ravages of the life they are forced to lead, and then seeing their moments of joy, their hope and faith in Christ and their gritty resiliency, I am ashamed of the times I have complained about petty inconveniences. They are truly my brothers and sisters and I came to understand fully your message of compassion that calls us to companionship.

This film is more than just a documentary, it is a journey to the soul of each of us. Your beautiful reflections give me much to ponder and I know I will replay many scenes to better dwell on the profoundly spiritual coupling of images and prophetic wisdom. I am proud to have been able to contribute in a small way to this tremendously important piece of work. It inspires me and convicts me and I find that I am more eager than ever to live its message.


The film is available from Pax et Bonum Communications for a suggested donation of $30. You can order one by contacting me through this blog.


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