Why Francis (Part Two)

In his new way of seeing and living, Francis overcame his fear of death. With God in his heart as a presence as real as the sun rising above Assisi, Francis rose above all fear, all anxiety. He lived in the moment, as each moment was filled with transformational grace. Francis demonstrated with his life that to be truly free he needed nothing except God. In poverty, he found richness. In his self-emptying of all that was not God, Francis became truly naked, as unashamedly naked as were Adam and Eve before they succumbed to desires beyond God.

Francis showed how the fullness of life is not just a dream or hopeless desire, but is something that can be experienced right here, right now, in this very moment. Francis showed us that those rare moments of our life, when we are pure, serene and peaceful, are the most genuine, most truthful moments of life, and that these moments echo the essence of paradise we have lost…but can still regain. Francis showed us that it is possible to see the beauty in everything and see the Creator in the creatures.

Why Francis?

Because he came to trust fully in God. This is where we fail. We lack trust in God, do not believe God will give us all we need, that God will not withhold any good thing. Perhaps our pride gets in the way of our trusting. Perhaps our love of God has been supplanted by our love of self. Francis takes us back to Eden, back to a time of purity and innocence, a time when beauty and harmony grew in a garden of love.

Why Francis?

Because he followed his heart and his passion for God. He was willing to surrender…everything and to become nothing in order to embrace the fullness of God. In doing so, Francis discovered, in his weakness, something truly powerful. This poor man, this humble beggar, changed the course of Christian life and helped us to see the good in everything.

Why Francis?

Why not us?
Why not you?
Why not me?


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