Thoughts Scribbled While Doing Other Things

In the state of emptiness, you are better able to encounter the fullness of God.

Punctuate your day with thoughts of God, recalling God’s unselfish, self-giving love for us. Do not be seduced by perishable things. Detachment reflects the realization that God alone matters. The world demands more and more from us. God only asks for empty hands.

At its essence, prayer is not about asking for divine favors. The primary purpose of prayer is to assist us in continual abandonment to God.

While we busy ourselves striving for power and trying to control events and even people, the Gospel perpetually proclaims a far different approach to life: God has created us to live a life of dependence and receptivity, and our acceptance of that spiritual reality is required for true human growth and fulfillment.

The cost of following Jesus is nothing less than everything: one must abandon self in order to imitate the self-transcendence of the Cross and Resurrection. The Cross symbolizes the extremity of helplessness more than the extremity of suffering. The Cross rejects power and accepts surrender. When we have little or no worldly power to rely on, we are able to offer unambiguous love and service.


1 Response to “Thoughts Scribbled While Doing Other Things”

  1. 1 Joan Krebs July 11, 2012 at 6:24 am

    “God only asks for empty hands.”

    That demands a lot of thinking about – and yes – I guess, praying over!

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