Mud Pies & Kites

A long last, within two weeks Pax et Bonum Communications new documentary film Mud Pies & Kites will be released. Set in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the film illustrates life in that impoverished city from just weeks before the earthquake until a year after the earthquake, including dramatic footage taken in the week immediately after the earthquake.

While we impatiently wait to formally release the film, we have just posted on YouTube a short scene from Act One, titled “City of the Sun.” It runs under 7 minutes. Here is the link:

Please watch and forward the link to your family and friends. It is my sincere hope and prayer that the film does some good for the tormented poor of Haiti, some 400,000 of whom are still living in tents 28 months after the earthquake leveled Port-au-Prince.


1 Response to “Mud Pies & Kites”

  1. 1 GOvideoHAWAII May 4, 2012 at 4:43 pm

    This film is TREMENDOUS, Gerry! It is STAGGERING in message… your skills are the invaluable asset bringing light to what has remained hidden for far too long! Absolutely a labor of love… visibly apparent!
    Danny Bohlman

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