Thoughts Scribbled While Doing Other Things

We seek to make connections. God call us into communion.

The spiritual life has more to do with subtraction than addition.

The presence of God is found in the absence of things not of God.

Detachment makes one powerful.

Beauty and cruelty are a painful paradox that we each must learn how to reconcile.

Justice in God’s hands offers transformation not punishment.

In stillness we feel the movement of God’s Spirit transforming our hearts.

Outside of peace, is there anything more beautiful than kindness?

Our lack of reverence is destroying earth and crippling relationships.

So much of life is contradiction and chaos. Only in stillness and prayer can harmony emerge from the confusion.

Many Christians hyper-ventilate over gays marrying while at the same time ignoring so many innocent people, including countless woman and children, dying of starvation. Nowhere in the Gospels do we hear Jesus ranting about a person’s moral behavior; his focus was only on liberating people from all forms of oppression.


1 Response to “Thoughts Scribbled While Doing Other Things”

  1. 1 GOvideoHAWAII March 20, 2012 at 3:15 pm

    I often find that thoughts which come to me in a “non-linear” way, like when doing other things, are “small revelations”! THANK-YOU for sharing these with us!

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