Instruments of Incarnation

All creation is in the state of evolution,
in the state of becoming.

We are instruments of incarnation…
calling forth a new creation.

We become mothers of incarnation
by giving birth to the Word of God
by the way we live and work.

The mystery of the incarnation
deals with the stuff of life –
and the choices we make.

Incarnation transforms us by grace,
changing us into
what we were made to be: LOVE.

The mystery of the Incarnation
leads us to recognize that our relationship
with each other and with the mystery of God
are shaped and learnt and lived in time.

Asceticism plays a part in the spiritual life
just as discomfort plays a part in the natural life.
We do what we need to do
in order to fight cold and heat;
so also, we need to fight sin and weakness.
But compulsive asceticism is of no use.

At the very least, asceticism can be
an effective self-management tool.

When asceticism and mysticism wed,
the saints tell us they give birth
to a luminous creation…as long as both
are hidden with Christ in God.

Some degree of mysticism
is within the reach of everyone,
and all Christians should aspire to climb
as high as they can on the mystical ladder.

Advent is a perfect time
to begin to climb the ladder
and become
instruments of incarnation.


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