The Sunrise of the Soul

Spirituality is not other-worldly;
it is found in our relationships,
work, attitudes,
illness and dreams.
Simply put, spirituality is rooted
in ordinary emotional, physical and mental life.
The difficulty lies in achieving
the concentrated attention
needed to observe what is going on,
moment by moment,
in ourselves and around us,
to uncover that spiritual dimension.

Spiritual growth hinges
on our ability to see the divine
woven into mundane human reality…
a feat which will take a lifetime.

God humbly came to the earth He created.

As the opposite of pride,
humility reflects honesty, a holistic sense of reality
and a keen awareness of
the awesomeness of the universe
and the profound mystery of God.
Growth in humility is a sign of maturing holiness.

The best way to approach God is
to proceed in humility, simplicity, and poverty,
and to enter the silence of God’s presence,
and then patiently sit in prayer
and wait until God elects to speak.

The primary focus of prayer
is to lead the mind to stillness.

Prayer helps us become more aware of God’s presence.
The goal of prayer is communion with God.

Approach God with open hands,
a searching mind, and a loving heart.

Prayer is the breath of life.

Prayer acknowledges our dependency on God.

To neglect prayer is to neglect God.

Prayer is an act of humility,
stemming from a mindfulness of our inadequacy.

Prayer and humility go hand-in-hand:
prayer deepens humility
and humility deepens prayer.

Prayer creates the unruffled calmness
required to encounter God.

Gentleness is the daughter of prayer.

Prayer helps you see the extraordinary
hidden in the ordinary.

Prayer helps us flee from the storm
of inner thoughts and the noise
that engulfs modern life.

Prayer is the sunrise of the soul.

Prayer should lead us
to wholeness and simplicity.


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