A State of Alert Sillness

Prayerful silence is more than a lack of words;
it is a state of alert stillness.
The point is not to rest, but to concentrate
and focus the heart and mind on God.
Beneath the appearance of passivity
is an active state of attentiveness.

Silence is an expression of love and strength.

Within the silence of our hearts
lies a mystery beyond our hearts.

In deep silence, we are fully awake,
fully open and one with God.

To enter the silence of meditation is to enter
our own poverty as we renounce
our concepts and intellect
and sit alert, waiting to hear from God…
even if we must wait a lifetime.

Prayer helps us transcend
our preoccupation with the self,
and teaches us how to embrace
the other.

Grace prompts us to pray,
and praying opens us up
to even more grace.

Our journey to God begins in earnest when we still
our senses, desires and mind.
In stillness, real movement begins.

Stillness stills unruly passions.

Contemplation quiets our restless, relentless quest
for sensual pleasure.

The cornerstone of the spiritual life consists of:
stillness, prayer, love and self-control.


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