Something New

For the past few years I have been posting essays on this blog; the essays ranged from being just a paragraph long to a page or two long. However, much of my writing consists of aphoristic thoughts of no more than a sentence or two. In my book on St. Francis of Assisi, The Sun and Moon Over Assisi, I often interrupted the flow of the story to present small clusters of these thoughts that were gathered together and sprinkled throughout the text under the heading of “Thoughts Scribbled While Walking.” Years later an entire collection of disconnected thoughts were published as a book titled Thoughts of a Blind Beggar. For the next few weeks on this blog, I am going to try something new. I will be posting three or four clusters of aphoristic thoughts per week. I hope you enjoy this change of pace…and I hope you invite others to subscribe to the blog and have the postings be automatically sent to them via e-mail. Here is the first cluster:

Thoughts Scribbled While Doing Other Things (1)

Faith, hope and love, the triptych of the spiritual life, are nurtured stillness. The art of contemplating divine truths grows out of the art of remaining still. The soul that waits on God, patiently and unhurriedly, will eventually be filled with the realization he or she is infinitely loved.

To be a contemplative is to be receptive to the divine Word.

Prayer is being present. Transformation is a daily event.

Every moment is a moment of grace – if my eyes and heart are open.

Contemplation requires tranquility and patience.

Humility is the heart of Christianity, and the gateway to prayer.

Without prayer, God dies in our hearts.

Without solitude, finding sanity and sanctity is virtually impossible.


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