Gateways to Divine Intimacy

A little narration from our film Mud Pies & Kites, which is set in Haiti, and for which we are still seeking sponsors to help us complete the film:

In the Passover meal
celebrated by Jesus
we begin to learn
about true sacrifice
and true servanthood.

God is not interested
in human or animal sacrifice.
Nor is God interested
in the sacrifice of fasting
from certain foods on certain days.

The sacrifice that God seeks
is the letting go of
all that is ungodly within us,
the letting go of our ego,
the false self that always
puts ourselves first.

To “pass over”
from an ego-centered life
to a God-centered life,
from a self-centered life
to another-centered life,
requires a sacrificial surrendering
of all that binds us,
all that needs to die,
so we can walk freely into
the mystery of God.

Suffering and sharing
are the gateways
to divine intimacy.
And to become
intimate with God
means to become
the humble and loving servant of all,
By washing the feet of another,
God’s love
moves from an abstract theory
into a concrete reality.

Jesus came to be
a servant,
to sacrifice himself
for us.
We must do likewise,
by sacrificing ourselves
and serving others.


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