A Surprise Listing on an Impressive List

A man from Australia (whom I met while speaking in France two years ago) just sent me a link to an article published in a Catholic newspaper in England. The article listed ten Catholics who are doing amazing work. It is crazy but somehow I was listed #1 on the list. The bit on me had a few facts wrong, but nonetheless it is essentially accurate. #7 on the list is a priest from America working in Haiti. Of course, I do not merit being on such a list…which should have included instead Fr. Tom Hagan in Haiti or Dr. Tony Lazzara in Peru.


Pax et Bonum Communications is in urgent need of funding to help up complete our film set in Haiti, Mud Pies and Kites, which is mentioned in the profile published in the paper.

1 Response to “A Surprise Listing on an Impressive List”

  1. 1 Joan Krebs July 12, 2011 at 9:44 am

    Thanks for sharing this link. Actually, in my opinion you do belong in the listing for a few reasons: your ecclesiastical lay state, your being a SECULAR Franciscan, the media/universal aspect of your ministry. Of course it’d be good also to have the two priests listed because of their work, but the list is predominant with clerics; the church needs to hear that laity express our christianity with great apostolic energy and creativity.

    I plan to forward this to Bridget Sperduto because I couldn’t tell if she was on your mailing list.

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