True and False

A few weeks before leaving
on one of my trips to Haiti,
I penned the following words
in my journal:

We live in
a constant state
of genesis,
always changing,
always evolving,
always being born anew.
Today we begin again.
This very moment
is pregnant
with new possibilities
for growing
in God,
with God,
through God.
Today is
a new creation.

After Haiti, the idea
that every moment
is pregnant with new possibilities
seems both
more real and more false
at the same time.
I’m struck with how blessed
I am to have the freedom
to be present to this very moment,
to be aware of new possibilities
grace places before me.
What if I lived in Cité Soleil,
and I woke up in the mud,
had a lunch consisting of mud pies,
spent every moment
fighting hunger and despair,
had to defecate in a pile of rotting garbage,
would I be able to see the day
as a new creation,
a gift of God?
I doubt it.

In the foreboding,
post-apocalyptic landscape
of Cité Soleil,
a woman dressed in rags
bends down
and embraces a child.
And this simple act of love
brightens the darkness
of this distressing place.
In the Incarnation,
God bends down
to embrace us in love.
And in that unending, gentle love
each day is a new creation.


1 Response to “True and False”

  1. 1 kaye wilkins June 24, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    Beautiful thoughts. I took my son (age 51) to Haiti two years ago. I remarked to him that the beauty of Haiti was hidden behind the poverty. He resonded that the beauty of the Haitian people is how they deal with their poverty.
    . Thanks for keeing the memories of Haiti alive.
    Kaye Wilkins

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