Heal Me

“Lord, heal me, my body is racked;
my soul is racked with pain.”
-Psalm 6

“Jesus have pity on me,” the blind man cried out as Jesus passed by. Touched by the blind man’s faith, Jesus healed him. We may not be physically blind or hurting, but we are all blind and injured, all in need of Jesus’ healing touch or word. Life is an ever-flowing stream of injuries, and frequently the injuries are inner or spiritual wounds that can cripple us. Melancholy, depression, abuse, betrayals and bitter disappointments can blind us to the fullness of life, can trap us in a dark corner of despair. The inner injuries that we accumulate and allow to go unhealed can rip apart the fabric of our existence. Our spiritual maladies become who we are. These injuries can prevent us from seeing Jesus, from reaching out our hand to him for a healing. The power to heal still resides within the risen Lord. Jesus can still turn to us and say, “Have sight; your faith has saved you.” But first, we must reach out to him.

“Jesus, heal me of all the inner hurts which I do not even recognize, buried hurts which have influenced me in ways I can not even imagine. Heal me, sweet Jesus, of the destructive behavior that allows me to choose poorly as I navigate my way through the day. Lord Jesus, heal me…heal me of all bitterness, all resentment, all anger, all impurity, all unloving tendencies, all behavior which does not reflect the love, compassion and mercy which is ever-flowing from your Sacred Heart. Come Lord Jesus, heal me, make me whole, help me love.”


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