The Road to Healing

Everyone experiences heartbreak;
everyone is in need of tenderness and compassion.
At some point in our lives,
we all have to face the difficult journey
of coming to terms with feelings
of rejection and humiliation and fear.
These very real and very painful feelings,
in time and in prayer,
become an authentic path
from despair to hope.
Tragedies and disasters become
places of courage, of perseverance,
places where we learn to plumb
the depths of our inner life, our true essence,
and are able, by God’s grace,
to move from rejection and terror
to healing and hope.
Love grows from that deep-rooted pain
within the universe
where God is present,
and ever-willing to embrace us and bless us.

The mystery of God is buried
in solidarity with those who suffer.
In the midst of suffering,
divine compassion is revealed
as a loyal companion that transforms
pain into praise,
discomfort into consolation.

The road to healing
begins with forgiveness.
Forgiveness emerges from pain
and leads to love.
Love requires self-surrender
which allows us
to enter more deeply
into the Mystery of God.

Love needs the need of another.
In our need we find God’s love,
which heals and renews us.
For me personally,
Christ is the fullest answer
to my deepest need.


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